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Following in the tradition of giving back to our society we embark on a new journey of art and empowerment. 
We at purple parrot believe that our less fortunate bretheren have an equal shot at a healthy and respectful lifestyle filled with opportunities.
We take pride in creating a few of these opportunities for those who need it the most.
Enhancing the skills of men and women who are struggling to make their way into the this challenging world. 
We teach and implement skills like design, pattern making, stitching, printing logistics and many more which bears fruit as the products that enhance your lifestyle.
A new ideology that helps empowering our not so fourtunate brethren with means to live out their lives with their head held high. Purple parrot brings to the world a new definition of Indian aesthetics with a contemporary narrative.
We look forward to all the support we can muster to aid this effort of making our world a better place yet again.